Welcome to Future Club!
A combination workshop, laboratory, and gallery.

Future Club wants everyone to participate in the discussion and development of new and emerging media technologies. (What’s that? It’s stuff like: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, voice and gestural interfaces, drones, data storytelling, etc.) But too often the tech feels out of reach — incomprehensible or inevitable.

Future Club connects “regular people” and “technology people” to foster creativity and change. We make opportunities for people from all backgrounds to discover, experience, and discuss new technologies — hopefully in fun and unexpected ways. These activities let us consider how we want new tech to impact our lives, our communities, and our cultures.

Future Club supports the development of projects, workshops, and events that creatively push what’s possible with new technologies — without regard to commercial possibility. We want to inspire… to break down barriers… to experiment and explore together. To invent something new. To make a new future.

The best way to change the future is to do something. Want to join the club?


future club,

Please get in touch if you…
– have an idea for a project, theme, or audience
– want to attend, participate, or collaborate
– have a location we could use
– or just want to say hi!
And definitely sign-up for the mailing list to receive updates as we get going.
Brooklyn & Bovina, New York.